Maria Dion

Money, like water, is a carrier. It can carry blessed energy, possibility or intention, or control, domination and guilt. - Lynne Twist  


Why money coaching?  The way you do money is the way you do life.

One of the main ways of being in our world today is in the conversation of scarcity.  The ideas that there isn’t enough, and that more is better, are accompanied by a profound resignation that this is just the way it is and we cannot escape from the way our culture is with money. Living in this context every day, we start believing that we don't have enough, and tragically, that we aren't enough.  Money coaching shines a light not only how our money is sourced and disbursed, but the things we are telling ourselves about these choices, and who we are being in the process.  Developing healthy habits with money starts with recognizing the profound sufficiency of our lives, not only in what we already have, but in who we are.  

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What I Offer

The conversation of scarcity is the prevailing cultural conversation in just about every part of our world today.  That conversation has such a powerful pull on how we experience ourselves in the world, that it can be difficult to unhook from it rigorously and consistently.  Not many can do that on their own.  As your coach, it’s my job to be your ally in that exploration - I partner with you to presence sufficiency in  your life.  I’m committed to you having an embodied transformation in your world.  Developing a purpose and intended results for our work together, and then start with what currently is in your life. 

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People who work with me:  

  • Become aware of where their money is going

  • Manage cash flow in a way that is joyful and liberating

  • Learn to communicate powerfully and lovingly with a partner or children about money

  • Let go of blocks that hold them back from asking for and earning more

  • Press through the conversations that stop them from achieving what they want

  • Redefine their self-identity of who they are with money


One on One Coaching

Coaching one on one with Maria is a life-enhancing experience.  It's understandable if you're a little nervous - I was too when I began.  

Ready to get started? Shoot me an email- let's arrange a free 20-minute phone/zoom conversation to discover if coaching is right for you.

Past Client Experiences

What People Say


Being a smart, empowered steward of my financial resources eluded me my entire adult life. After 25+ years of that being my experience, I finally faced the ongoing “cost” on my wellbeing, my marriage, and the stability of my future, and I knew I would need strong, loving support to turn it all around. 

Committing to work with Maria Dion for a full year has dramatically changed not only the way I relate to money and “what’s enough” but also the tangible, tactical ways I now consistently work with my money for today and my future. Now, every call with Maria is a celebration and an eager looking ahead. She has been a patient, steady, compassionate partner, and her process works! I can’t be more grateful for the results of our work. I’m a different women when it comes to my relationship with money, and the future looks bright. - Laura


Originally from California, Maria has spent the last 23 years in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the beautiful “Land of Enchantment."  She is part of a powerful community that has dialogued, discussed and transformed their relationship to money over almost a decade.  She is passionate about the money conversation and loves hearing how sufficiency shows up for others in relation to their money and their lives.  Maria enjoys spending time outside walking and gardening, playing son jarocho and keeping her cash flow statement current!